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Participate in District Visits Week!

Help Educate Members of Congress About Photonics!


An excellent way to educate members of Congress on the importance of optics and photonics is by inviting them to tour your facility, also known as district visits.  The National Photonics Initiative is organizing a District Visits Week for the week of August 11-15.   During the week of August 11-15, have one of your Congressional representatives tour your facility.

NPI will provide you with the information you need to have a successful district visit with your member of Congress.

What is District Visits Week?

District Visits Week is an organized effort to have members of Congress visit facilities working on optics and photonics in their district.

Why should my company participate in district visits?

District visits allow legislators to see firsthand the work happening in their district.  They get the opportunity to see the economic impact you are having on their district, get the chance to meet their constituents, and it helps establish a relationship between you and your Congressional representatives.

Seeing firsthand what you are doing in optics and photonics in their district will help them to better understand the importance of optics and photonics when the time comes for them to vote on legislation impacting the field.

I’m interested but August 11-15 does not work for me.  Can I invite my legislators to come to my facility during a different time period?

Absolutely! The House and Senate will both be in their home districts for the entire month of August.  Members of Congress are always looking for visits to do in the district when the House and Senate are not in Washington, D.C.  The NPI will happily help you through the process regardless of when you decide to do district visits.

I work for an academic institution, can I participate in district visits?

Members of Congress will certainly be interested in touring the laboratories at academic institutions.  NPI recommends academic institutions, who are interested in participating, should coordinate with local industry to show the strength of the optics and photonics community in their district. 

 If you are interested in participating in District Visits Week, please sign up by filling out the form below. Please contact Laura Kolton at or Krisinda Plenkovich at if you have any questions.



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